12.45 : A lovely morning doing church in the Living Room. First of all my local church live stream - Citygate Bournemouth, and then my church from Colchester - Kingsland - the only church in the country which meets above an Aldi Store. 

I also did a new video and slide show for my musical quiz. I though everyone - particuarly Saganauts, loved quizzes but so far I haven't had one entry! It's now posted on my videos page so why not give it a go. Also includes me playing the piano live in a medley (excuse the odd bum note). 

Plans for the rest of the day include recording another video for you, writing and sending my Newsletter (to become a weekley Newsletter for the time being) and watching Hillsong London live on the TBN channel 65 at 6.30pm.  


12.00 : So happy to have recorded another video for you. Smile today. A request by my friend Dulcie and a tribute to the incredible Perry Grant.

Stayed up too late watching Avitar - what an amazing movie.

Now just over a week since I left Spirit of Discovery in Tilbury. It's been a great week and I have loved getting into the flow of being creative. Having time to work on recording is also a joy. Yesterday I spent just about all day recording, or should I say, re-recording 'No Reason to Fear' the new song based on Psalm 91. I hope you can hear it completed soon.

I do find I am waking up in the night with creative ideas. It's good but tiring lol. But it's like that  once I get into the creative flow.